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Printable Schedule: Live Music while you Dine & Drinkwith Friends & Family, Locals & Tourists

Reservations available for Dinner Customers.  PLEASE  only book tables if your party is ordering dinner entrees. We are a restaurant offering music entertainment while you dine & drink.

Scheduling: MainStreetsMusic@gmail.com    

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------      Thu Mar 14 Blues Watch Blues from NOLA to Chicago, with a little R&B on the side.
Fri Mar 15 Linda Marks, Woody Carpinella and Jackie Damsky Integrating jazz with contemporary folk                     blending original songs with favorite covers
Sat Mar 16 Blues Dogs!!!  FUN, Lively blues band
Sun Mar 17 LIVE Conversation with family & friends while you dine & drink.

Mon Mar 18 Bonnie - Celtic Music Rehersal Celtic Music
Tue Mar 19 Open Mic - Bruce Marshall Hosted by Bruce Marshall
Wed Mar 20 Bruce Marshall Sessions Bruce Marshall and special guest
Thu Mar 21 Ezra Hale Blues, Folk and Alt. Country with a blend of obscure 70's rock
Fri Mar 22 Dwayne Haggins Band Dwayne Haggins with Baxter Hall. Traditional country blues and soul.
Sat Mar 23 Becky & The Swinging Bards An array of R&B, blues and soul artists
Mon Mar 25 LIVE Conversation with family & friends while you dine & drink
Tue Mar 26 BLUEGRASS PICKIN' PARTY OPEN MIC Aaron Goff plays the mandolin, Sam Reid on                              guitar, Johnny Ransom on bass, Joe Kessler on fiddle.
Wed Mar 27 Mark West on Piano Jazz standards of Duke Ellington, Thelonious Monk, Harold Arlen.                           Rock including Billy Joel, Elton John, Queen. Pop and more.
Thu Mar 28 Steve Sadler & Jamie Walker Among the originators of the current roots rock/ alt.country                       movement
Fri Mar 29  Workingman’s Band Pop-rock, psych-rock, surf-rock, folk-rock, country-rock, blues-rock
                 and a taste of New Orleans funk.
Sat Mar 30 Bruce Marshall Group Great originals, an expressive, soulful voice and a commanding guitar
                 style on electric, acoustic and steel dobro. One of New England’s best.
Sun Mar 31 LIVE Conversation with family & friends while you dine & drink.

Mon April 1  Brukelele Night 7-9pm TICKETS Laugh, play, and learn a fun new skill with friends all                          while enjoying delicious craft beverages. Come early to enjoy dinner and your idea of a                            "BREW"  Sign up in advance at Brukelele.com 

Tue Apr 2 Open Mic Hosted by Tom Langlais
Wed Apr 3 Dwayne Haggins Solo Traditional country, blues, and soul.
Thu Apr 4 Malin with Special Guest Lorelei David Moore introducing a new talent in Lorelei an up and                    coming star.
Fri Apr 5 The Nicole Webster Band Classic blues, R&B, rock, and jazz. From Aretha to Ella to Bonnie                    Raitt and beyond.
Sat Apr 6 BJ Magoon & Driving Sideways Blues, Boogie Woogie, Roots Rock, Rhythm & Southern Soul                   Band
Sun Apr 7 LIVE Conversation with family & friends while you dine & drink.                                            -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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